Our Services (Cost-Free)

  • Consult on comprehensive financial planning issues relating to settlement
  • Design creative proposals to match the claimant's needs and integrate with overall financial plan
  • Consider estate planning issues such as taxes and proper beneficiary designations 
  • Evaluate structured settlement offers - determine present value
  • Canvass the market for the best annuity benefits available
  • Apply for rated ages (medical underwriting) for improved pricing and/or increased annuity benefits
  • Analysis and/or development of Life Care Plans
  • Develop medical and capital needs analyses
  • Coordinate the settlement with public assistance (SSI, Medicaid) and/or private benefit programs
  • Attendance and availability for consultation at mediations.
  • Consult on settlement tax issues
  • Deferred Compensation Planning for Attorney Fees
  • Offer resources for many types of trusts and claims administration
  • Provide instructions and guidance for completion of settlement documents
  • Coordinate receipt of future periodic payments with Annuity Company
  • Plan and coordinate 468B Qualified Settlement Fund where appropriate
  • Coordination with Trustee and Claims Administrator, if any

NOTE: Huver & Associates, Inc. does not bill for services rendered. We are compensated separately by the annuity companies once the annuity is purchased pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Agreement.